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Hi! I am Sreejish Lal! I am an MSc Computer Science student in the University of Bath, Bath, England, United Kingdom. I am an aspirant software developer. I love programming. I am skilled in Python, SQL, C# etc. I am an experienced digital marketer as well.

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About Me

Aspiring Software Developer; Experienced Digital Marketer

I pursue MSc Computer Science (final semester) in the University of Bath, Bath, England, United Kingdom. I am expected to graduate in September and work full time by September end. I am an aspiring Software Engineer. I love programming. I am skilled in Python, SQL, C#, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript etc. I have done 5 Data Science projects using Python & Machine Learning. I can develop HTML5 & WordPress websites.

I am an experienced Digital Marketer. In Atlas Group, Dubai, I worked as the Group Digital Marketing Manager. In Atlas, I headed Marketing (95% Digital) all over the World, including the GCC countries, USA, Canada, Europe, East African Countries and India. There, I Formulated the Global Digital Marketing Strategy for the Companies. In Atlas, I also led Developers, Designers, Video Editors, Marketing Team, Copy Writers, Content Writers for Marketing various services of the Group of Companies Online. I have experience in designing and managing Google Search, Display & Video Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, SEO, Social Media marketing, E mail marketing etc.

  • Name :

    Sreejish Lal

  • Country :

    United Kingdom

  • Freelance :

    Available from September 30th, 2021

  • University :

    University of Bath

  • Languages :

    English & Malayalam

  • Address :

    Bath, Somerset, England, United Kingdom

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My Resume

Atlas Group
Digital Marketing Manager
University of Bath
MSc Computer Science Student
Software Development

My Software Development Projects

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Peer assessment Web Application

This is my academic project to be pursued in my MSc Computer Science.

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7 coding projects completed & pursuing 2


Python Projects


Web App & Web Development Projects


Digital Marketing Campaigns

How I Work

I execute my projects in 3 stages

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How i work
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How i work
How i work
Design & Launch
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Coding & Digital Marketing

I pursue MSc Computer Science in the University of Bath, England, U.K. University of Bath is ranked 6th best University in the UK as per The best UK universities 2021 – league table of Guardian. The University is rankded 9th best in the UK as per the 2021 The Times & The Sunday Times Good University Guide & Complete University Guide - University League Tables 2021.

I am a First Class-Honours Computer Applications Graduate. I love programming. I am skilled in Python, SQL Server, C#, Java, C++, C, Web Development, WordPress Development, Data Structures, Linux / Unix, Oracle, MySQL, MS Access, VB, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Natural Language Processing (NLP), spaCy, Machine Learning, Data Science, etc.

I am an experienced Digital Marketer. I had designed & managed around 100 digital marketing campaigns in Google Search Ads, Google Display ads, Google Video Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Mobile app Ads, LinkedIn ads, SEO, Organic social media marketing, Email Marketing, ASO, Google AdSense. I am skilled in Content Development, Blogging & Copywriting as well.

I can develop SEO & Ads - friendly Websites in HTML5 and also in WordPress. I can provide guaranteed traffic for the websites I develop. I will be available to work from September 30th.

I am good in online reputation management or online branding. For your name, I can get information about you shown for almost all results in Google, Bing & Yahoo in the first 3 pages of search engine results of these search engines.

  • Good Coding Skills
  • Developing a Web Application
  • Can Build Websites
  • Experienced Digital Marketer


Digital Marketing



My Projects

Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Online Branding
Web Application
Social Media

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Sreejish Lal - Certifications

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Python for Data Science by IBM

Sreejish Lal

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HTML5, JavaScript & CSS3 by Google

Sreejish Lal

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Google Ads & Google Analytics by Google

Sreejish Lal - Google Certifications

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Bath, Somerset, England
United Kingdom

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